Tuesday, April 04, 2017

That Post About New York in February 2017

New York is a 3-4 hour train ride from where I am. I've been there a few times but it was always so brief. Traveling by car... seeing the city with family... in short, I've never really explored the city itself to my own pleasure. But I finally did this year! It was only for a day but I think I did a pretty good job making the most out of it.

I went to three museums: Guggenheim, The MET and MoMA. I wandered through the city by foot which was half of the experience. I was stopped in the streets twice by individuals asking for directions probably thinking that I know the city which isn't true because I could not have done it with out Google maps. I was very flattered though. Haha


 van Gogh's Mountains at Saint-Remy

Friday, March 17, 2017

Sweet Beginnings Do Arise

Hey-oh! First post in 2017! Time to get this blog caught up with what's happening in my life because one of the main reasons that I keep a blog is that... I like looking back at my old entries.

Day one of the new year, my Dad and I went to a mountain resort for brunch. 

Thursday, December 01, 2016

How are you?

A simple question that I find difficult to answer recently. It makes me stop and think for awhile... "Do I REALLY have to answer?" "Do I trust this person enough to say what's really on my mind?" Most of the time, I say "I'm fine," other times I say, "My boyfriend and I broke up."

I'm not even sure if you guys knew that I had a boyfriend. So, a short backstory, we were together for 3 years and we were friends 2 years before that. We started our relationship 6 months before I had to leave the Philippines and we were on a long distance relationship since then. I wouldn't say that it was the distance that made us broke apart, but it was a factor, I assume.

It's been a month and I am fine. This July, I met these super cool people on Telegram via Camie's group chat  and we all kind of clicked. It may sound silly because these people are technically strangers on the internet, but you know, we're all strangers here and they really helped me go through the whole break up. I love you guys. In case, you stumble upon my blog. (which I hope won't happen. Lol)

Two more updates I want to talk about, I've been learning/playing the ukulele! It started because (1) I had to make a video for my Mom's birthday and I thought playing "Lemonade" by Jeremy Passion would be cool enough to make her cry and because (2) I was encouraged by one of my new buddies when he said that learning the ukulele is easy! I've been posting on Instagram if you want to see me embarrass myself. 

Lastly, I had my first out-of-state drive alone on my own last week! It was an hour and half away to Maryland and another hour and half back home. Driving back home was a challenge because Google Maps led me through the woods, with two-lane curved roads in the dark. The thought of certain death came to mind but I was also happy that I was there going through it by myself and surviving, like in life. :)

Have a merry December, guys! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Most Loved this Summer

Summer has ended and now fall is here! There are a few things that I want to share with you so I'll get right into it!

  • I guess I'll start with the big one, my Mazda CX-7. A week before I started my new job, my Nissan Xterra was on the verge of breaking down and driving it to work would be hassle if it happens to suddenly stop working. So, for a month, I was either getting dropped off/picked up by my Dad like a grade schooler at work or I wait for 15 minutes to an hour or more for a cab. I waited 3 weeks for this car to get inspected and certified and it was well worth it. I most especially love the sound system, sunroof and the heated seats! 


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