Thursday, September 18, 2014

At the moment

loves the fact that she was recognised as an RN from the call she got this afternoon. It was the first time that someone actually regarded me as one.

shares this incredible Mozart rap that every youngsters should watch.

asks if anyone of you are watching Agents of Shield? Is it any good?

laughs at this Elders React to Fifty Shades of Gray trailer video. It reminded me on why I never got to finish the book after two attempts. Although I couldn't bear reading the book, I'd still give the movie a go as long as I won't hear Ms. Steele's ridiculously sexual thoughts.

hopes that her schedule for next month will turn out alright.

thinks that there's nothing really new about the new iPhone iOS. I thought that the icons were going to be different but no it is still the same.

is in a state of book anhedonia after several months of reading one after another.


  1. I think there's nothing really noteworthy either with the new iphone, buuut maybe I just purposely avoided reading reviews for fear of being tempted, haha!

  2. Check out this article from cnet: The new iOS actually has some great features pala. I like the use of hiding embarrassing self-portraits. Haha!



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