Tuesday, August 16, 2016

That Post When She Talked About The Not So Recent Life Lately

It's been almost a year since I sat down and talked about what's been going on in my life so, I guess that's what I'm going to do right now!

Something that I haven't mentioned in my blog yet is that we adopted a puppy earlier this year! I like to say that she's a mix of pit bull and bulldog. She's 8 months old. I named her Bellatrix and we call her Bell for short.

She has put holes in one of my shorts and pajamas, nibbled at the sides of our couch, massacred a number of water bottles and her chew toys but we love her nonetheless!

Another thing is that, I'm back to the daily grind! I got offered a job from a hospital and I'm working full-time for the very first time in my life. It's been great so far!

I also got my hair cut last May. Straight-across trim, 3 inches off and a choppy bangs.



and a very rare Pokemon selfie

Two weeks ago, an extended family from Ireland came to visit us for a week. We went to Hershey's Chocolate World and a lot of shopping malls and outlets. We drove them to JFK in New York where I captured a lot of Pokemons! Hehe

Speaking of driving, I can't use my car because we think it's broken and the mechanic we know can't fix it right away. So, I'm being dropped off and picked up like a grade schooler by my dad when he's available. Lol

I'm not sure if you guys know that I'm in a long distance relationship. And the last thing I want to mention right now is that my boyfriend and I had our third year anniversary this month! Yay us!

A picture of us all dressed up for a fine meal at Jollibee. Haha (Hindi pa kami niyan)

That's everything I have on my mind right now. See you on my next post!


  1. Digging the bangs.


  2. Bell is soooo cute! I love your hair on all you pics. :D And a belated happy anniversary to you guys!

    1. I actually want to have another 3 inches off! Hehe Thank you, Raisa!

  3. OMG YOU GOT A PITBULL MIX!!! Lately, I've been into pitbulls because I find them so adorable and misunderstood. my favorite breed is still a tie between samoyed and husky (because i loooove wolves and they resemble wolves so much) but pitbulls have this sparkling puppy eyes regardless of their age. their puppy eyes retain lol does that make sense. I also find bulldogs hilarious, especially french bulldogs (the fact that they are super short and have big ears is hilarious to me). BELL IS ADORABLE ;A; I want to have a pitbull / pug or a mix because they are indoor dogs lol my dog, a jack terrier, is too much of a hunter :))

    pretty haircut :D I love bangs, maybe that's why. I'm all about the bangs :))

    1. That's so true! Bell is such a sweet one! There are so many kind of dogs and I just really want to catch them all like Pokemon. Haha

      Thank you! I got my hair cut again and took 6 inches off this time!



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