Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wish List

Hi! I'm here! Barely making it but still making two blog posts a month!

Truth be told. I've been meaning to make a Wish List on my blog before December 2015 and also on my birth month but I never really did and now it's finally here!

Below is a list of things I've been coveting and the reasons why: (justified agad! Hello, fellow Batoonchi fans!)

  • Konjac sponge or Luna go. Gotta take that extra step for skincare! Pwede na yung Luna mini, konting tipid.
  • White slip-ons. I miss my very used and abused white pair from Advans, perfect for everyday lakwatsa.
  • CK Cotton Racerback Bralette. It looks quite similar to Bench's cotton sports bra which I love so much! I don't think I'm ever going to buy a bra with underwire again, unless it's strapless! I'm not very well-endowed so I can get away with wearing bralettes. Hehe
  • Rosary ring. This page has been bookmarked for months! Do you think they're legit sellers? I'm a bit skeptical, I've never bought anything from Etsy.

  • Swiss Army Knife. There's this store that my parents and I would visit often as a kid, they had this glass encased rotating thing which had Swiss Army knives on display and I just really wanted one for my own but my parents never really bought me one. Lol

  • MacBook and iPad mini case. I really want to change it. Do you guys have any recommendations where to buy? I was thinking of getting it from Amazon kasi mura.

  • iPhone car mount. Essential na siguro 'to sa panahon ngayon pero bakit wala pa ako neto.

  • A helix and a pair of lobe piercing. Kailangan pag-ipunan ng pera at lakas.

  • Firewatch video game. Also looking for PS4 game recommendations. Preferably adventure type without jump scares!
    That's pretty much all that's worth mentioning.

    How about you? Got anything you've been eyeing lately?


    1. I have a rosary ring that my mom had custom-made with my birthstone in it. I haven't been wearing it lately kasi yellow gold siya. Naweweirduhan ako tingnan 'pag suot ko siya with my wedding rings. Hehehe!

      I always buy Speck products for my MacBook. Kahit mahal, hindi kasi nagpapalit palit ng case, and durable siya. :D

      1. Ooh! Where did she have it made?

        Okay pa naman yung Speck ko. Gusto ko lang palitan yung kulay. Naiiba kasi yung kulay, neon green. Hehe

      2. Valid pa ba 'yung reply ko kahit two months late? Hehehe! Mom had it custom-made sa friend niya sa Manila. Most of my baby jewelries dun namin pinapapatunaw tapos pinagagawang hikaw or singsing, para lang mapakinabangan pa 'yung gold. :)

    2. I think you can get cheap ipad/iphone cases from Alibaba. They also have super cheap car mounts for phones and whatnots. I think delivery time is quite long tho and you have to make sure you check the authenticity of the seller cause most if not all items are from China :)

      Ochi | Ochi In The City

      1. I'll check that one out! Thanks for the recommendation! :D

    3. Glossier has such a nice packaging design and since it's predominantly white, it somewhat reminds me of Milk Makeup ....random, I know :D
      I'm really interested in their haloscope highlighter and their Generation G in Crush and Like :D

      I've heard so much about konjac sponge. I'm really interested in using sponge and facial brush to wash my face but not the whole clarisonic gadget thingy. I find them too expensive and gimmicky :))

      1. I haven't tried Milk Makeup! Is it good?

        We share quite the same sentiments with clarisonic. But you know, if something is expensive but works perfectly well with your skin then it's a great investment!



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