Saturday, October 04, 2014

That Post When She Talked About Recent Things

I honestly have been feeling a bit indifferent regarding this blog. The last couple months of "active blogging" phase is slowly taking its downfall. I may even be more out of the scene this coming month since I was offered a job. Yes, I was offered the job that I was interviewed for last month! In addition to that, I am also scheduled to take my driving test. Need car for job, need job for car! Originally, I was going to take it this coming week but due to conflicts of schedule it was moved to a later date. Then, next month, I get to have my second shot on my CGFNS exam. Dear God, I pray that I make it this time! I am immensely grateful for all the blessings and opportunities that has come lately. I hope to do well in each quest!

If I ever actually drift from posting on my blog, you may find me on Twitter because that's where most of my brain farts are posted and on Instagram where I have recently started microblogging.


  1. Just do you girl! Will be sad if there are never anymore blog post done. But I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Good luck with your new job and it sounds extremely exciting. :)

  3. Good luck with your job! We all have to prioritize more important things. :)

  4. We do! Especially now that we're slowly getting older. Haha Thank you, Adly!

  5. Thanks, Jhanzey! I learn something new everyday so that's pretty exciting!

  6. Oh no, not never. I always have fun back reading my posts after a couple of years. 5 posts a year is fine. I try. Hahaha



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