Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tidbits from my Camera Roll

I was going through some old photographs on my camera roll and I thought I'd share some on my blog. Some photos I've posted on Instagram and/or Twitter and some are having their first debut here. I currently have 476 treasured photos on my phone. I try my best to organise my photos by transferring via Dropbox and to my laptop. That way I can easily browse through pictures on my phone when I feel nostalgic. Anyway, here we go.

That one afternoon that I drew on myself. I fancy drawing buildings. 

L - I posted this photo with a caption stating that I'm leaving the country, which was a complete lie. It looked like it was taken from an airplane, but it was actually taken from the ground. The photo is flipped.
R - From one of those late afternoon that I was babysitting my godchild.

This is where I usually hangout and study when I was still in the Philippines. I don't mind being alone for hours in a cafe, given that there is something for me to read and eat and drink. I usually get a hot hazelnut latte or an apple berry juice freeze with white chocolate mocha when I want to feel more refreshed.

L - This was taken July last year when I still had permed hair. It may look good in the photo but believe me when I say that it was very dry and unrecognisable when not done professionally. Imagine Hermione Granger's hair in first year!
R - You can tell a couple belongs together based on how they dress. Lol We only changed into our house bottoms because we wanted to be comfortable before hitting the roads again. Jeans when it's hot? Nope!

 This may look so unnatural because it was captured, but it really isn't. Tom is left-handed, I'm a righty. I noticed that we were resting our non-dominant hand similarly, I had to tell him to hold his pose as I take a snap!

Bulalo's best!

From that one night that I appreciate panorama.  

And that afternoon with a perfect comfort food paired with a great suspense TV series!

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