Monday, June 30, 2014

June Favorites

I thought I'd try doing this monthly segment that I've been seeing a lot on YouTube, because (1) it looks fun and (2) it seems like a great way to update this blog differently where I can talk about the things that tickled my fancy during a certain month. Let's commence!

Food: King's Hawaiian sweet rolls. It tastes like pandesal

Drink: Vitamin Water. This month I recently found out the goodness of Vitamin Water, I particularly like XXX. I feel like a 6 month old baby for trying out new food/drinks weekly.

Scent: Bath and Body Works' Eucalyptus Mint Wallflower Fragrant. It made my room smell so good and the refill lasted for a month!

Wear: Gap Body Sleep Shorts. Look at the adorable ruffles!

Application: YumTum. Springpad is closing down and I needed an app where I can store my recipes. YumTum does the work for me! You can also use it when doing groceries.

Ansel Elgort. I recently followed him on Instagram and I haven't seen any of his movies but find him cute. That is all.
Jun Ji Hyun. She's one of my favorite actresses of all time. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her and made me cry on Windstruck. She's great in drama, action and comedy! I absolutely love her in My Love From the Star!

Show: My Love from the Star. It's a Korean comedy drama which gave me a good laugh and made me cry few buckets of tears towards the finale. I was sobbing like a kid who had her first trip at the dentist. If you watch Korean dramas and you haven't seen it, I recommend this one!

Film: Non-Stop. Liam Neeson, the father I never had. This movie got me tense!

Music: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. A 15 second pseudo cover has been posted on my Instagram a day after hearing it for the first time. 

That's it! What about you? What are your favorites this month?


  1. Gaaaah, I love Ed's new album. Thinking Out Loud is one of my favourites too! And Shirtsleeves and Photograph.



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