Thursday, November 24, 2011

First day of duty at POC

First off, allow me to tell you the previous dream I had... I dreamt about being in a hospital ward, then I saw a friend lying on a bed looking dreadful I walked up too him, trying to nurse him, initially taking his vital signs, I took an iPod from another nurse and placed the earplugs on my friend's ear. I woke up when I found out that my friend was having hyperthermia. The iPod turned out to have an app in which you can determine a client's temperature through it's earplugs. A temporal thermometer. An iTemp!

Anyway, this is basically how my day went...
  • Woke up at 3am to prep up for duty. 6am call time at POC.
  • Lecture at 6am. Dismissed at 10am. Yes, four hour shift.
  • Brunch at McD's. McMuffin!
  • Headed to NBR for the Bataan orientation.
  • Feeling wasted/tired.
  • Starbucks. Third coffee for the day. Starbucks gives you the feeling like you're studying and doing whatever in the Great Hall. 

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