Sunday, July 03, 2011

My Sunday in bullets

  • Started my day early.
  • Headed to NAIA Terminal 3 to meet up with a family friend from Saudi before they leave Manila.
  • I arrived early so I spent my time watching people and doodling.
  • The traveler's lost faces!
  • Got a new camera. Yay! It's a Canon 1100D.
  • Farewell, old Canon S51S! You have served me well. :)
  • Bounced back home. Just in time for lunch.
  • Headed to the church. Listened to the mass.
  • It saddens me when people cross from place to place like there is no mass going on. In front of the altar pa. You guys can pass from the back naman diba? That is just impolite.
  • Off to the cinema to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  • Hands down the best movie of 2011 so far! It was worth the butt ache!
  • Bought a couple of things from Etude and Bench
  • Went home, checked out the new shirts mom got me and finished my homework on MS!

Test shots.

I want a car like this!

The obligatory mirror shots.

The facial foams I bought from Etude.
The yellow one has Vit C which is good for oily skin like mine and the blue-violet one is good for relieving stress (daw) which contains antioxidants. I only purchased it because I know that July and August will be a stressing month. Hope it does magic? Haha

This one really works well on my skin! It blends really well. It smells good. It stays long and it isn't bulky like the other pressed powder from Etude.

I got this one for free. It's a box full of facial cottons. Haha

New shirts all the way from Saudi!

I had siopao for late dinner!

Btw, congratulations to the Azkals! I wore blue for support? Haha! It was a coincidence but yeah... go Philippines!!

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