Sunday, February 01, 2015

My First Most-Loved Entry!

Let's face it. I'll never be that person who maintains her blog consistently, that's why I'm changing my Monthly Favorites tag into Most Loved (items and whatnot)! I still want to do this kind of blog but I can't force myself into posting every month. I'd go bankrupt! Moving on to this post. Here are 6 items that I loved within the past months:

Unfortunately, I missed the annual tradition of Starbucks Philippines where we collect stickers by purchasing beverages throughout the holiday season and get a planner. I was influenced by my cousin who's a big Starbucks addict. Fortunately, Tom got me the 2015 planner! (Thank you, B! If you're reading this :P) Since I won't be getting my hands on that asap, I bought this lined notebook at Target. It came in three pieces. It's where I write in my lists, some thoughts and more list. I'm planning on filling up the cover with stickers!

I was looking for a decent highlighter at stores but all of them were neon colored that are too bright for my life. I resorted to online shopping, found JetPens on Google and met the perfect pastel colored pens! It has fine and bold point on each end which makes it even more better!

Before using Korres, I used Neutrogena Alcohol Free toner only to have something to get rid of the dirt on my face. While it did clean my face, it feels a bit stingy when I apply it which is why I switched. Korres on the other hand, doesn't sting, leaves my face matte, isn't drying and it smells pleasant!

Uniqlo is my go-to store for basics alongside with Giordano and Bench. I bought this drape pants because I need something to cover up my legs for the winter. I love the style because it reminds me of Princess Jasmine. Drape pants = Princess Jasmine

I spent my holiday gift card from work on this baby. I use it to curl my hair. Curly hair = more volume! I also like the deep purple color.

It's in the color that I love. Need I say more?


  1. The highlighters are definitely something I need in my life, neon colors hurt my eyes, especially with the lights they have at school! I love your pants too. Very cute!

    ~ Building The Confidence

    1. It's the best highlighters I've had in my life! Thanks! ♥︎

  2. nice post! i love the journal and highlighters! i am a huge stationary fan :D

  3. Uniqlo is my favorite! I was in Japan over winter break, and every time I visited Uniqlo it was totally packed! In some countries, Uniqlo is very expensive, but the prices in Japan are soooo good. There were a bunch of sales around the time I was there too, which was great. I must have bought at least five new bras, probably more. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. That's good timing! I haven't tried any of their bras yet but I have a lot of their supima long sleeves that I use almost everyday. The fabric is just too comfortable.

  4. lovely!



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