Saturday, August 02, 2014

August Is Playing Me

August has bombarded me with life changing news all in one day! Yesterday, I woke up with a celebratory feeling because Tom and I have been together for over a year now! Yay! I also knew that they will release my exam results for IELTS on that day. Tom suggested that he should check my results for me and after giving him some details, he gave me the sweet news that I passed! A couple of minutes later, I logged in to my account to see if the results for my CGFNS Quali exam is already out, I wasn't prepared at all to see that the results were released. Moreover, I wasn't prepared to see that I failed. Tom was on Skype the whole time and comforted me and sang to me, making me feel that I am immensely loved by someone all the way from the Philippines! Then an hour later while watching The Other Woman (great cheer-up film, by the way!), I received a call from the HR at a recently opened hospital that I applied to and gave me the news that I am being called for a job interview!!!

Crap. August.

Stop toying with my feelings.

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