Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Music Post

I am trying my best to be more keen on updating my blog, that's why I am here making an entry of whatever comes to mind and I thought I'd share a few songs that are new to me! Sounds good? Let's start!

Maps by Maroon 5
A song that will most likely give you an earworm. (I don't mind because it's Adam Levine.)

The Writing's On The Wall by OK Go
A must-watch music video! Kudos to the people behind this!
Also watch their music video for Here it Goes Again.

Renaissance Girls by Oh Land
Girl power!

Chandelier by Sia
featuring the talented eleven year old, Maddie Ziegler!

Misteryoso by Autotelic
Lastly, an OPM! I personally love listening to OPM while driving, because even if I'm cruising on a foreign land, I still somehow feel at home. /melodramaticmich

How about you? What are your favorite songs at the moment? :)

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