Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Insta-dump Post

The photos are mostly from-where-i-stand-shots because my eyes were too puffy from crying that taking a selfie is not flattering. Haha My stop was in California where I stayed for less than a week. That's a few nights of having no permanent address because I'd sleep in different houses each night. No joke. I stayed in three houses/apartments during my stay in California. Let's begin!

This was taken at LAX while I waiting to be released in the immigration, took me 3 hours! 

First day at LA was spent at Hollywood blvd. I am a fan of HIMYM, okay. Haha NPH is legendary!

Potterhead alert!!!

Burgers and milkshakes!

Second day was at the Griffith Observatory where they shot the first Transformers movie! Also a fan! Check out the Camaro!

Third day was at a mission and some outlets!

With Kyla on my last day in Cali.

What I wore to my flight to PA.

Taken inside the plane. Bob Ong book from Tom. ❤ I like how he printed our initials!

Coffee, doughnuts and more Bob Ong for the road!

A picture with my homegirl Jillian. 

And a picture of me. 

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