Tuesday, March 18, 2014

That Post When I Went to PennDOT

DMV: You're going to have to take an exam…
Me: (bewildered) I'm sorry. What exam?
DMV: A knowledge exam. Are you ready?
Me: (shit shit shit) Can I have it scheduled?
DMV: Sweetie, you're applying for a learner's permit and I can't give you that unless you take the exam.
Me: (shit shit shit) Oh yeah sure sure

*15 minutes later*

DMV: How did it go?
Me: I passed! (with flying colors! without reading a thing from the manual)

*10 minutes passed*

DMV: Oh! I'm sorry the program won't let me issue you your permit because…

Also prior to that, I went to a hospital for my medical and basically I went all through that stress for almost nothing.

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