Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Post Posted in Philadelphia

Yes, I'm 8.5k miles away from home. Terribly missing Manila ever since I got into a plane, but what else can I do, I'm here now. I guess I'll just have to make the best out of this.

And since I failed to update for a couple of months I'll do it now! Now…

My cousin from Ireland came to Ph last holiday and spent Christmas and New Year with us. We only see each other once or twice a year so I stayed with them in Pasig for a couple of days. Breakfast and midnight talks shared. Career, fashion, family, friends, love life, name it! It was also nice that they got to meet my boyfriend! I fondly remember Ate and my Tito saying "Oh, kailan na ang kasal?" "Aabot pa ba kami?" (because they were only staying for a couple of weeks) 

That's Tom on his 21st birthday! ❤ I love the fact that I got to spend this special day with him!  

Met with two of my friends from KSA because I was leaving soon. Huhu At least I got to catch up with them, this wouldn't even happen if I wasn't leaving. Haha

It was my friend's birthday so he invited us to his place and we spent the whole night playing board games with booze, which was fun even without the booze because my friends are great! Huhu I miss all of them.

Because we are watch made in heaven! Haha 

Ended January 2013 with these awesome people! I surely won't forget Ronie's epic face on Anchors Away, when I got TERRIFIED at Jungle Log Jam, and when we all got wet!
Now, let me tell you something, I am a brave woman. Really, I am. I love anything extreme, as long as I know I'm safe. Haha! I thoroughly enjoyed dropping and swimming into deep sea when our parachute's rope cut loose in Boracay and while my other cousin was wailing. Hehe My first jungle log jam experience was chill, I didn't scream but I enjoyed it. This time was different though, it was as if my first try was such a bore. There was only Tom and I and there was so much space that I felt like I was going to fall out of the ride every time that the log is high on the ground. I felt weak. :(( Weak to the point that Tom even had to comfort me with words and rub on the shoulders because the ride wasn't over yet and there was still a higher peak. It was terrifying. My most unexpected and loudest scream to date. Huhu. So much fun.

They threw me a not-so-surprise party at home! It wasn't such a surprise because I knew that they would somehow say a proper goodbye to me. I know that I mean so much to them. Haha Thank you!

A day before my flight, we visited our late loved ones at Holy Cross and had a mini pizza party at home.

Our pahabol na date at NAIA. Huhu I love you so much, B! Thank you for everything. I'll see you soon!!!

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