Thursday, November 08, 2012

For The Boy Who Stole Her Spot

She met him when they were still young and she only has a few vivid memory of them. Memories which happened not too long ago. He looked dapper the first time she saw him, it was the first memory she had of him. He was that boy sitting on her spot, her spot in her mother’s office. She was surprised that someone had taken her chair, her spot, but parallel to that, she felt glad that it was him. They were not exactly friends. They were two kids living in a small town, so it wasn’t at all unusual to not know each other. A couple of years passed and they were then in what Eric called, the adolescence stage. Most of her friends who were girls were head over heels for him. Squealing his name on the corridors, practical call and hang up. Needless to say, they were really into him. She, for one, felt different. Yes, he was good looking but she didn’t know him at all and she didn’t want to let the voices around her to influence what she thinks of him. She had the chance to get to know him, not from anyone else, but from he himself. That was only when she knew that she liked him.

He was more than that boy who everybody like, he was that boy who stole her spot.

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